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Tips & Tricks

    Getting Started

  • Secure the template and clear drawing sheet to the work surface with masking tape.
  • Work from the top of the template to the bottom. If you are right handed, work around the design from left to right to prevent smearing. If you are left handed, work from right to left.
  • Draw outside the template lines to make designs bigger or inside the template lines to make them smaller.


  • With a steady hand, squeeze the tube slowly over the template for straight and precise lines.
  • Always make sure the gel lines, spikes, different colors and other designs are touching.
  • To make your design sturdy, overlap your lines and make your designs thick.
  • Reinforce any thin spots or lines that don’t touch by adding extra gel.
  • Rotate the template and clear drawing sheet as you create your design.
  • Wipe the tip on a paper towel to remove excess gel before starting a new design technique or project to keep designs neat and precise.

    Cleaning, Repairing & Storing

  • If you make a mistake, wipe the gel off of the clear drawing sheet with a paper towel before it hardens.
  • To repair a broken piece, reapply gel over the broken section and wait for it to dry.
  • Lay your designs flat when displaying or storing to keep their shape.
  • To clean the tips, allow gel in the tip to harden. Then use the spatula tool to scoop out the hardened gel.

    Drying & Wearing

  • Wait 5-10 minutes before adding additional colors to your design to allow the first color to dry slightly.
  • Roll bracelets onto your wrist. Don’t stretch your finished projects or they might break.